Sunday, July 3, 2011


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below is an excerpt from SRI AUROBINDO's SAVITRI ...  

It is a huge work and most will never get through the entire piece : here is his attempt to put into verse his protagonist's expression of That... i find it hauntingly beautiful and each line can stand as a theme of meditation.

expanding your mind, here is a chance to "see" from His standpoint ( not possible, i know, hence the work is written in verse thereby bestowing upon the author poetic license )

one can find fault anywhere if you look hard enough, so don't.... just enjoy and allow yourself to be enveloped by his rapture...

live well.

Passionless, wordless, absorbed in its fathomless hush,
Keeping the mystery none would ever pierce,
It had no kinship with the universe:
There was no act, no movement in its Vast:
Life’s question met by its silence died on her lips,
The world’s effort ceased convicted of ignorance
Finding no sanction of supernal Light:
There was no mind there with its need to know,
There was no heart there with its need to love.
All person perished in its namelessness.
There was no second, it had no partner or peer;
Only itself was real to itself.
A pure existence safe from thought and mood,
A consciousness of unshared immortal bliss,
It dwelt aloof in its bare infinite,
One and unique, unutterably sole.
A Being formless, featureless and mute
That knew itself by its own timeless self,
Aware for ever in its motionless depths,
Uncreating, uncreated and unborn,
The One by whom all live, who lives by none,
An immeasurable luminous secrecy
Guarded by the veils of the Unmanifest,
Above the changing cosmic interlude
Abode supreme, immutably the same,
A silent Cause occult, impenetrable,—
Infinite, eternal, unthinkable, alone.

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